Our Policy

At The Mount Stewart Hotel, we continuously strive for excellence in all aspects of our service. As

part of that service, the COVID-19 pandemic is at the forefront of our minds. As a team, it is of vital

importance that we go beyond and set an even higher standard of cleanliness, to ensure the safety

and wellbeing of all guests, visitors, and staff alike to our hotel.

We have been closely following the advice of current government guidelines and regularly updating

protocol accordingly. From this we have implemented additional cleanliness and hygiene measures

to minimize the risk and enhance the safety of all visiting the hotel and our other luxury accommodation here in Portpatrick. 


  •  Accessible Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel: Upon arrival to the hotel, guests and visitors will notice

anti-bacterial hand gel stations available at points of entry to common areas and through

out the hotel. Additionally, these stations are in each guest room of the hotel and “behind

the scenes areas” for staff to regularly use between services.

  • Surface Areas: We have increased the frequency of cleaning all surface areas and high touch

points, visible and non-visible, to cleaned with anti-bacterial spray.

  • Guest Contact, High Touch: Upon check-in we have protective screening in place to protect

guest and staff when speaking directly in close proximity. Keys are sanitized prior to guest

check in and after guest check out. Within the rooms, housekeeping is paying close attention

to all high touch areas, such as light switches, plug sockets, tv remotes etc. To minimize

contact we have also reduced bedroom entry of housekeeping and maintenance staff. Any

extra amenities required by guests – towels, robes – will be put in individual bags and left by

the room. With permission of guest, any urgent maintenance needed will be carried out

when guests are out of the room, to comply with safe social distancing.

  • Social Distancing: We have signage up throughout the hotel as a friendly reminder of

current government guidelines on social distancing, this is also closely monitored by hotel

staff. We are currently providing table service only, to reduce traffic to our bar and avoid

queuing. In our dining areas we have removed extra tables to allow a safe dining experience.

Our toilets are currently operating on a ‘one in one out’ with signs to notify guests if they are